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Megan (Bride) --- 08.16.14
I had my wedding at The Fountains in August. I had worked with wedding coordinator, Blaine, for ~1 year prior. She was AMAZING to work with. I felt like my mom and I constantly sent her conflicting wedding ideas for decorations, ceremony, flowers, etc and she never once complained and always followed up on each idea. She was very organized which was much appreciated. The Fountains is perfect for a bride who wants to see her perfect ideas come to life, however does not want to do all the behind the scenes work. When I arrived the day of my wedding it was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I was very nervous as no matter how many pictures you send someone, you always are afraid your idea will not match their idea. Blaine exceeded our expectations (my mom is very picky) and made the day perfect!!! I would highly recommend working with Blaine for future brides!!
Natalie (Bride) --- 10.04.14

David and I were married at the The Fountains Ballroom on October 4, 2014. My delightful wedding coordinator, Blaine, worked with me for a year to prepare and plan for the big day. Blaine was so accommodating and truly wanted to make all of our wedding day visions happen! While working with Blaine, you can tell she has a profound passion for creative design and pleasing her clients! Another big factor was that Blaine was willing to work with the budget we needed to stick to, while still creating a stunning wedding ceremony and reception atmosphere! We had such a wonderful experience working with The Fountains Ballroom and Memrical Design! They really took in everything we were looking for on our wedding day and made it come to life! The Memrical planners work hard to cater to your needs and schedule. We were blown away by how seamless everything went on our big day, and it is all thanks to the brilliant Fountains Ballroom and Memrical crew! They truly made our wedding a dream come true!

Jamie (Bride) --- 06.20.14
If you are looking for a stress free wedding day where your dream wedding becomes reality, then Fountains Ballroom is the place for you!! The location is absolutely amazing, it has the most beautiful scenery within the great plains along with the best staff behind it! There are 5 catering options from the metro area, along with photographer, dj, event planner and more to choose from! Rena is on for the challenge of making your dreams reality with her decorating skills and beautiful floral arraignments. She was truly a joy to create our wedding with! Abbie, the photographer was sure to capture every special moment and more on our big day! She worked really well at getting every picture that we wanted and more! The pictures are amazing and I can't wait for our photo album! And Brandon, our dj, is still being talked about 2 weeks later! Our guest LOVED him! He played great music and kept the party going! These people are truly special and really love their job, making your day an absolutely amazing experience. I couldn't imagine our special day anywhere else with anybody else. Thank you fountains ballroom for a day we will never forget :)
Adrienne (Bride) --- 09.05.14
We had the best time planning our wedding! It was so stress free! At first trying to find a vendor that meets all of your requirements was so stressful! Then we found the fountains ballroom! They were so easy to work with planning the decorations, the dj, the photographer, the caterer and the flowers! I couldn't imagine trying to do all that by ourselves! Our wedding was on September 5th and it was beautiful and so much fun! I recommend this venue to everyone! Thank you so much Fountains Ballroom!!!
Rebecca (Bride) --- 07.05.14
We got married at the Fountains Ballroom in Glenwood on July 5th, and it was amazing! The location is beautiful, I had dreamed about an outdoor wedding all my life, and this was the perfect place to have it! Rena was our wedding planner and did a fantastic job organizing EVERYTHING! We met several times throughout the year to make sure my dreams were put into reality. She is super easy to work with and caught on to how I wanted our day to look, she had great ideas to make it even better than I imagined. The decorations and flowers were beautiful, and my bouquet was a great surprise!

The wedding day went smoothly, even with a few different hiccups that the Fountains couldn’t control. Brandon was our DJ and he was absolutely amazing!! Everyone I talked to loved him, and he was so adherent to our needs, he made sure that we all had drinks and everything we needed the entire night. He even kept the photographer on her toes! The music selection was fantastic and he listened to us on what we wanted played throughout the night. The only complaint I received was that they wished the dance would have lasted all night! Thank you so much for everything, and I will be definitely recommending the Fountains Ballroom for years to come!

Paige (Bride) --- 06.07.14
This was a perfect venue with great views for the back drop of a wedding and for pictures. The best part is that the DJ, Photographer, and wedding planner all work there so they know the ins and outs of the whole place. You never have to worry about touring the new photographer around hoping they know where to go to get good pictures. They literally take care of everything! The staff there made my day perfect and unforgettable! I recommend it to everyone!
Megan (Bride) --- 08.31.13
I had the wedding of my dreams in August thanks to the staff at The Fountains Ballroom. Rena, my coordinator, was absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond to make sure everything was completely perfect and I don't think I could have planned it without her. She made the entire process so easy and stress free, and for that I am so grateful. Our DJ Brandon did a wonderful job. He kept everyone dancing, played great music, and kept the reception moving. Everyone I've talked to have said he was amazing! Our photographer Natasha was also wonderful. The pictures that I've seen so far are beautiful and better than I could have hoped for. I cannot wait to see the rest!! She was also fun to be around the day of the wedding, she was very creative and open to our suggestions as well. I am so pleased with how everything turned out, the only complaint I have is that the day went by too quickly! Thank you so much to Rena, Brandon, Natasha and the rest of The Fountains Staff for making our day so perfect.
Rhonda (Bride) --- 06.06.14
We had our wedding at the Fountains Ballroom on 6/6/14 it was the most beautiful location! Everyone was so great Rena our wedding coordinator made sure everything went smooth & the decorations & flowers were beautiful, Abby our photographer was awesome and took all of the photos I had found on Pinterest and the action shots were hilarious & Brandon our DJ really listened to our music needs and there was a full dance floor all night; they were all spectacular. Great value for the money. Highly recommend Fountains Ballroom.
Erika (Bride) --- 08.24.13
My August wedding turned out to be the perfect day at the Fountains. The venue alone is so beautiful, and the bride and groom's suites they offered were so convenient. My wedding designer, Blaine, allowed me to be as creative as I wanted to be. Memrical offered so many options to choose from for decor; Each wedding is so different and unique. The staff was attentive and I loved our DJ Brandon. This venue is unlike any other I've ever seen, and not having to search for photographers or DJ's made it all less stressful.
Jennie (Bride) --- 08.23.13
The Fountains Ballroom was an amazing location for my wedding/reception and the staff at Memrical Studios made our wedding everything we hoped it would be. Rena was our wedding planner and she took great care of us. Always available when we had questions and gave us great ideas on things we weren't sure about. Our DJ Brandon did a great job with the music and everyone had a great time dancing all night. We had Natasha for our photographer and she also did a great job. Just waiting for the photos to be published so we can see her work. I couldn't have asked for better staff the day of. They made everything go very smooth and made sure my husband and I were always aware of the schedule and anything else we needed to know. I would recommend the staff/venue to anyone looking!
Steven (Groom) --- 05.25.14
We had many incidents trying to get ready for our big day: unfortunate weather, late wedding party, strange choice of flowers, etc. Some things we could control or work out...others were helplessly out of our hands. With only an hour left before our ceremony, all power was lost. This was not the fault of the venue or any of it's worker, but the city of Glenwood had lost electricity due to some accident involving a storm that had just rolled through. Our wedding planner and DJ did absolutely everything they could to make things work for us. They were able to get a hold of a generator to get some power going for music,and to get a few things up and running. I was impressed how much work was put into making everything as amazing as it could be given what nature threw at us. Now that was just what happened with our wedding day hiccups. Everything leading up was fantastic as well. Blaine, our planner, was very patient with us and worked with us very carefully to make sure we got what we wanted for our special day. We're currently waiting for our photos, but are very excited from all the work our photographer did. Extremely happy with everything, really. Highly, highly recommend.
Anna (Bride) --- 04.14.13
I had envisioned a big wedding with a warm, inviting atmosphere, that had a classy feel with some nature-like elements. I had no clue how to put that into a design for my wedding. Memrical and the staff at Fountains Ballroom brought that to life in every way possible! I truly had the wedding of my dreams, and I could not be happier with how everything went leading up to and on my husband's and my big day! From the centerpieces to lighting to the caterer, the DJ, the wedding planner, the flowers, and the incredible breathtaking pictures- my husband, parents and in-laws were thrilled with it all. I would highly recommend booking the Fountains Ballroom for your wedding. Not only is the venue large and gorgeous, but the staff truly know what they are doing and they take the hassle out of wedding planning. My ideas got brought to life, and I have zero regrets- just beautiful pictures that captured every one of the priceless moments from our wedding day. If I could do it all over again- I would change nothing. I am honestly so grateful that I found Fountains Ballroom. They fit the budget and the perfect match for me, and I would bet they would for you too! My extended family on my side and my husband's side- who are from California- still rave about how beautiful everything was for our ceremony and our reception. What a memorable day we had, and I am so grateful for the gift that Memrical and Fountains Ballroom have been to me and my husband!
Kristin (Bride) --- 05.31.14
I could not have asked for a better experience with the Fountains Ballroom and Memrical. Rena was my coordinator and she was seriously awesome! She helped keep me on track during the planning, so I never felt the stress that everyone talks about! It was so nice to have someone to give us recommendations for everything from food to our officiant. The venue itself is stunning and can be made to match whatever theme you are going for - they have so many different types of centerpieces, draping, etc. that it can be totally customized to your vision. It is so nice to have the option to include the DJ, photographer, and all the decor - everything was all in one place and I had one main contact who could work with all the different vendors. Also, Brandon was a fantastic DJ and I love, love, love my photos from Erin. I would recommend the Fountains and Memrical again and again.
Chelsea (Bride) --- 07.26.14
Rena was our coordinator and I everything that she was able to do for our wedding day was amazing. They thrive off taking care of every detail, which they do so well, but when I wanted to do/bring certain things myself they were totally fine with it. Any detail that I forgot, Rena was able to find a solution for. This venue is so beautiful.From the bridal suites, to the reception space, to the vineyard. All of my guests said it was a wedding they will never forget.

They also provide a photographer through the venue. Our photographer, Abbie, did such a great job as well. She was able to move things along quickly, due to the hot July heat, and she had finished our pictures 4 days after the wedding! The pictures turned out beautifully.

USE THIS VENUE!!! There is no doubt you will love your wedding day if you do!

Alyssa (Bride) --- 08.09.13
Working with the Fountains was a great experience. They were very helpful and attentive and made sure that our day went smoothly. Our coordinator guided us through the whole planning process and broke everything down to make it simple for us. The best part about working with the Fountains was the great people and having one contact for everything. Our coordinator did our center pieces and flower arrangements, did the rehearsal, helped us select our bar and photography packages and was there for everything else along the way. In the end we had a perfect day and we didn't have to worry about a thing!
Brooke & Nicole (Brides) --- 06.21.14
The Fountains Ballroom experience was unforgettable. The Memrical staff was exceptional, especially our very own wedding coordinator, Rena Renaldi. We couldn't have asked for better service! From day one they accepted us and embraced our same-sex wedding with a non judgmental attitude, making us feel comfortable and of upmost importance. The venue was immaculate on our big day. Our photographer, Abbie Leigh, and our DJ Brandon (all affiliated with and recommended by Memrical) set the standard high and contributed to an unforgettable day. We've received countless complements on our wedding and have the Fountains Ballroom staff to thank. We highly recommend this venue!
Kayla (Bride) --- 05.24.13
Our wedding was on May 24th of this year out at The Fountains. At first, I was skeptical because it was my husband that wanted the big wedding, not me, but I had the most fun I have ever had with them. Rena was amazing, making everything easy and simple, Brandon was the best and most interactive DJ I have ever seen, and Natasha captured every picture I could have wanted. They all went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable every day leading up to the big one! During the wedding, every worker, even the security guys, were asking if I needed anything. Can you say above and beyond!? I can't recommend this place enough, they are too good for words! Thank you so much to all of you who made my day more than I could ever ask for :)
Evan (Groom) --- 10.12.13
We just recently got married at The Fountains Ballroom and Vineyard in October and couldn't have been more pleased about the experience. Our coordinator was Rena, our Photographer was Natasha, and our DJ was Brandon. Rena was with us from the beginning. She always took the time to make sure we were getting the services we requested, had great follow through, was very understanding, flexible, and budget conscientious. She was honestly very fun to work with and always had a positive attitude. The day of, she didn't miss a mark and made our day stress-free. She also went the extra mile to make sure that our family and friend's needs were attended to. Natasha was also very pleasant. We did not get to know her as well as Rena, but that is partly due to how busy she was capturing our wedding day. She made sure we had our requested shots, as well as capture a variety of candid moments. We had a huge wedding party, which put a strain on time, yet she worked around it very well. Brandon was a riot. We had requested to have a classy atmosphere during dinner and when we transitioned to the dance, we wanted a club feel. He was able to get the crowd engaged and was also a blast to dance with. Overall, The Fountains went above and beyond to make our day perfect.
Whitney (Bride) --- 05.03.14
My husband and I were married at the Glenwood location on 5/3/14 and were incredibly happy with the experience! It was the first and only venue that we actually viewed after researching online. Once we saw the grounds and the ballroom and total package in person, we booked right away! There were a few hiccups along the way but Fountains was always very receptive and quick to help solve anything that came up. My original coordinator was let go with only 6 months until the big day (scary!), but Rena stepped in and assured us we were in good hands. And we were!! Since we were paying for the wedding on our own, my husband and I were pretty concerned with the budget. Rena did anything and everything she could to help us save money and still have a beautiful wedding! I had no idea what I was doing when it came to all the decorations and details so having someone to guide me and do all the prep work was essential. The wedding day was perfect and I highly recommend Fountains Ballroom to all brides-to-be!
Sue (Mother of the Bride) --- 05.31.14
Our daughter was recently married at the Fountains Ballroom in Glenwood. I cannot say enough good things about our experience! It was everything we had hoped for and more. Rena and the rest of the staff were wonderful to work with-the entire day was as close to perfect as it could be! I would highly recommend the personnel and the facility.
LaRissa (Bride) --- 10.05.13
The Fountains Ballroom was the perfect location for my husband and I to have our wedding and reception. Planning a wedding can be stressful no matter what but planning one from miles away adds to that stress. The individuals at The Fountains Ballroom were patient, efficient, helpful, energetic and much much more. The photographer, wedding planner and especially the DJ were absolutely wonderful. They made my wedding what I had always dreamed of as a young girl. I would recommend this venue to any couple!
Heather (Bride) --- 05.17.14
My husband and I knew from the first time we saw the Fountains that that was our ``place.`` The Fountains Ballroom is absolutely gorgeous! Our day was perfect! The staff took such good care of us, and made sure that everything was indeed perfect! I got so many compliments from guests regarding the Fountains Ballroom, and how beautiful it was; we also got compliments on the staff. My family and Josh's family thought our Photographer was amazing, and that we were going to have the most amazing pictures and shots they had ever seen. (We definitely did, our pictures are amazing!) We got so many compliments on our DJ as well. Our guests greatly appreciated his friendliness, the fact that he was mingling with guests, and refilling drinks, not to mention was an excellent DJ. We also got so many compliments on how wonderful our wedding planner was. My aunt stated that she was ``so nice and made sure everything was perfect.`` I wanted Rena to do our decorating how she wanted and saw as it went with our vision; without seeing the decorations or picking anything out for myself, she nailed it! The ballroom, flowers and decorations, was absolutely perfect! Thank You Rena, because I had no stress the entire time I was planning my wedding! I want to thank each and every one of you guys for working so hard, almost as if it was your own wedding. Thank You ALL for making our day so Perfect!!
Caitlin & Crystal (Brides) --- 05.11.13
We had our ceremony and reception at the Fountains. They made planning super easy. My wife Crystal and I enjoyed all our meetings with Rena, Natasha, and Brandon. The entire staff went above and beyond before, during, and after the BIG DAY. There was a lot of planning done on our part that was hard to let go of (mostly because I am a bit of a control freak) but the day of, I knew that I could just leave our personal decorations and Rena (and staff) knew where it went and put it together without us having to worry about anything! If I asked for it, they found a way to make it happen within our budget. All of our flowers were done and looked better than we had imagined. Natasha, the photographer was awesome, she was a lot of fun and I enjoyed having her there with me all day. The part that made me smile the most was that she was willing to look at my Pinterest board and listen to my ideas of pictures that I wanted to be taken. Natasha stayed way later than anticipated and even got us heading onto the party bus after the reception! Brandon, our DJ did a great job, he not only did our music but was at our table taking away plates, getting us drinks, and always asking if we needed anything. Unfortunately, many of our guests left earlier than anticipated, but Brandon, Rena, Natasha and the rest of the crew stayed and helped us pack up what was left of the candy bar, cake, etc. Brandon even kept playing tunes for us as we got our stuff and headed out the door. Our day wasn't about being perfect, no wedding truly is 100%. But it was about marrying my best friend and making sure our guests were happy and having fun. In the end that is all I could ever have asked for. We are fully happy we chose the fountains to share our special day with. With the day over for over a month, I still get calls from Rena checking up on us and Natasha worked really hard to get the thousands of photos ready for us to look at! Pumped about the guys and gals we worked with and will always tell people to chose this venue and design studio over anyone else!
Liz (Bride) --- 10.18.13
We want to thank Rena, Brandon, Natasha, and Marty for making our fairy tale wedding a realty. They worked with us every step of the way and made adjustments to make our wedding unique and affordable. I had a stress free day allowing us to relax and enjoy every minute of our wedding!
Nicole (Bride) --- 06.22.13
We couldn't have been happier with how our wedding turned out at the Fountains Ballroom! We wanted an outdoor ceremony site which originally drew us to Fountains Ballroom. After meeting with them and touring everything, we knew it was the perfect place for us to get married! We enjoyed being able to have several meetings with our wedding designer and how personal our wedding felt. Rena did such an incredible job with taking our visions and making them a reality. She was always so patient with my questions and very responsive and helpful when I needed something along the process. Rena was especially INCREDIBLE the day of the wedding! She coordinated everything perfectly and it was such a relief to know she was there to take care of everything. Our centerpieces and flowers were exactly as I envisioned them and every detail was taken care of for us by the Fountains staff. The photographers also did an amazing job. We are thrilled with how our photos turned out! DJ Q kept the party rocking and our guests were thrilled with what he played throughout the night. I would recommend Fountains Ballroom to anyone who is looking to get married! They do an incredible job and truly make you feel one in a million. They gave us memories to treasure forever and we will always be grateful for that! Thank you to everyone who made our day so special!! :)