The 50,000 Wedding Give Away!!!!!

Today was the first day of the taping… it was so amazing talking to the 5 couples who have made it this far.

Although we want to give this wedding to all of them … only one can win! Please go on and vote for who you think deserves their dream wedding!

Please visit our “People You Should know” page to see who has given selflessly of their business to support such an amazing give away!




The Bridal Show!

Don’t forget to come see us tomorrow at the Bridal Show!

at Mid-America Center for 2012 Wedding Essentials Bridal University?

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Happy Holidays!




Wishing you and your families the best Holiday Season!



Volunteers for Vows – The Give Away!

Greetings Wedding Couples!

The clock is ticking and we are to coming to the end of our Wedding Give Away!  We want to congratulate all the couples that have made it thus far and thank everyone (past and present) for their hard work!  This has been an incredible journey and we are so proud of the progress you have made—not only in helping the community, but also in staying strong as a team.  We wish every one of you could win the wedding of your dreams.

We’ve heard some amazing stories about diaper drives, food banks, and coat drives and we want you to share your stories with the rest of the world!  It is time to give Omaha an opportunity to know the contributions you’ve made to our community and why they should choose you.  Share photos, videos, and write about your experiences!  Tell your friends to post comments on Facebook, The Fountains’ and Memrical’s blog. Tell your story and keep telling!

You have given so selflessly to this point and we want to know your story.  How has this experience made you stronger as a couple?  What were some of the challenges you encountered?  In your observation, what are some of the charitable areas Omahan’s could contribute more?  What are some of the personal rewards you’ve reaped—even if you don’t win the Give-Away?  It’s time to create a buzz and let everyone know you are going for it!

Thank you, again, for all your hard work and we can’t wait to see you on April 20, 2011 for the wedding of a lifetime!

Gratefully Yours,

The Fountains Ballroom, Memrical Design Studio and Catering Creations

& all the Vendors that have made this the BIGGEST WEDDING GIVE-AWAY for all the right reasons!

As Promised!

We are always working hard to give you the most exclusive weddings at the very best prices in the Omaha and Council Bluffs Metro Area! Stay tuned for what we have in store for your dream wedding reception.