The Loess Hills

Over looking 100 acres of the beautiful Loess Hills - Nestled in the scenic bi-way this is the only place to bring your guests.

The Fountains & Vineyard

The Grand Front Fountains and Circle Drive

The Double Grand Staircase

15ft Waterfall

The Waterfall was the first of the Fountains that we added into the landscape in 2007. It rushes down over 15ft behind the Pergola.

Do all your designing at Memrical - This is our company and Memrical originated for the couples at the Fountains. Book with us now, and do all your planning right in Omaha.

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Amazing Ideas

We are always looking for ideas to make your wedding unique

The 9ft waterfall and out door patio area. Our newest feature in 2011.


” The Fountains Ballroom, a unique, metro-area wedding venue nestled in the picturesque Loess Hills and 15 minutes from downtown Omaha, is designed as a blank canvas for you to create the wedding of your dreams. At the Fountains, no two weddings are ever alike.”



The Fountains is proud to introduce it's sister property Fountains West. We've been working around the clock to give Omaha another amazing venue with an outside courtyard - Located right off 120th and Maple

Your Vision

This is where the fun begins! The Fountains Ballroom was designed as a blank canvas for you to create a dream wedding that will be exclusively yours. It's your theme; your way; your day.


Unlimited Inventory

One of the most exciting components of planning your wedding is selecting the decor. As you may have guessed, knowing that we offer an abundance of breathtaking decor (worth over half of a million dollars and growing), we love it too!